Can't disable Softdevice in ble_app_uart

Hi all,

I want to disable SD and reinit SD and reinit my services.

I try by ble_app_uart example.

I add code for button, when I press button 1, it disable SD. When I press button 2, it reinit SD and my service.

But when I disable SD and check by funtion nrf_sdh_is_enabled(), RTT print SD still enable. And right away, I receiver Fatal error by timeout of button

This is my code : 

    // Enter main loop.
    for (;;)
            disable_SD = false;
            uint8_t res = 0;
            uint32_t err_code = sd_softdevice_disable();
            res = nrf_sdh_is_enabled();
            if(res == 1)
                NRF_LOG_INFO("SD is enable");
                NRF_LOG_INFO("SD is disable");

Thank !!