PCB antenna width calculation with manufacturer satackup


1.I want to develop the my product using nrf51822 with PCB antenna(as shape given in sdk hardware) with following board stackup-

2. i am going to use cap-0603 in tuning network only.

Any one please help me to calculate the width of antenna track and also this is required or not.and what happen to changing the cap-0402 to cap-0603 with same value and specification?


  • Hi,

    Changing the component size to 0603 can affect the performance as it will introduce larger parasitic impedance compared to 0402. The smaller package will behave more as an ideal component because of its smaller dimensions. You should either way measure to ensure a good match. Also, the matching networks should consist of a Pi-network.

    You can use software such as APPCAD to calculate the width of the track of the transmission line to the antenna. 

    Best regards