SAADC Event produced by uninit cause SAADC to go back to IDLE mode

Hi ,
I have some issues with the ADC. When moving in and out from low power mode the ADC isn’t working correctly.
I am using the nrfx_saadc driver. When moving to low power mode I use the nrfx_saadc_uninit function and when moving out from low power mode I use the nrfx_saadc_init function. I noticed that the ADC isn’t responding when I call nrf_drv_saadc_sample as it used to before the uninit-init cycle.
After debugging I noticed that this happen due to the NRF_SAADC_EVENT_STOPPED event being triggered by nrfx_saadc_uninit. I used nrf_saadc_event_clear(NRF_SAADC_EVENT_STOPPED) to get the ADC to function properly.
Is there anything else that is required for the ADC to work properly after uninit-init cycle?

I am using NRF52832 using a code Based on the freeRTOS heart rate example code from SDK15.

Thank a lot