Issue with bootloader

Hello everyone,

Today I worked on custom bootloader and according to the article I tried to load output hex file from IAR on board via nrfjprog. 

I used that command - nrfjprog --reset --program blebootloader.hex --family NRF52

Also, I set address for my bootloader as 0x000F0000 in icf file in IAR. But as a result I got an error: 

Parsing hex file.

ERROR: The file specified is not a valid hex file, has data outside valid areas

ERROR: or does not have data in valid areas.

So, after investigation I found the root cause - different hex formats. I mean, the output of IAR -  intel EXTENDED hex, but nrfjprog gets as input intel hex. I did not find any articles how to convert that types and I need a help.

Anyway, if I set the start address as 0x0 all works fine, but I also want to program softdevice.