nRF5_SDK doesn't work on Segger Embedded Studio and Keil uVision

I downloaded the latest nRF5_SDK_15.3.0_59ac345 and some other old versions of SDK documents. (I am trying to use pca10040 development kit to program Fanstel EV-BT840F, aka their evaluation board.)

I loaded the ble_peripheral solutions from the SDK for s140, which I programmed using nRFgo studio. 

I tried to compile main.c, most of the times, it tells me that BSP_INIT_LEDS undeclared, and some others like BSP_INIT_BUTTONS, mostly BSP related variables. I tried to find out if there are any header files that are related to those variables in the SDK, but I had no luck. 

When I tried with uVision, it always tell me that 

When I tried to build target, it gave me lots of errors and warnings, most of them are related to BSP_XXXX_XXX. 

And I am not sure why does the flash download failed, I have the right packs and I erased the device using nRFgo studio. 

Can anyone please give me some advice about these issues.

Thank you so very much in advance.