Someone, anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction

Im not entirely new to the embedded world, been programming since I was a kid and been working on embedded projects for 3 years now.. In fact the few first steps I can take with relative ease.. I can build projects, debug and program the device with the given examples. The problem is (my best guess anyway) that I come from a different world, Microchip.. and really want to get into the ARM wolrd and Nordic Semi really seems to fit all my RF and development needs. Powerful and affordable CPUs + Sweet RF transceivers make me drool over the posibilities..

I can see the potential, its obvious.. BUT I CANT EVEN GET A REGISTER CORRECTLY CONFIGURED.. I've been at it for 4 days now, in a row.. I can see layers upon layers of abstraction and middleware and nowhere to be found is an explanation in code "Pass 0 to this function to configure this pin as an output".. how am I gonna get into BLE and Bluetooth 5 if I cant even turn on a LED ffs >:( 

I know the learning curve and all that but guys.. hire a youtuber to make a tutorial series or something.. explain what to pass to the drivers and all the abstraction layers.. I have to pass a custom "nrf_gpio_config" <- what is that? I thought the purpose of a driver was to make the thing more understandable, but no where in the documentation you guys explain what type of argument your functions are expecting..

Compare that to:

PORTA.PORTA1 = 0 //Output

LATA.LAT1 = 1 //Now its on

Pardon my rant.. I really want to understand how the ARM world works, specially since i saw the 9160 I really like what you guys at Nordic are doing.