nRF9160 System Off Mode Bus Fault Error


I'm trying to put the nRF9160 into System Off mode and am getting a bus fault error when writing to the REGULATORS module. This is the error output:

***** BUS FAULT *****
Precise data bus error
BFAR Address: 0x40004500
***** Hardware exception *****
Current thread ID = 0x200245f8
Faulting instruction address = 0x412da
Fatal fault in thread 0x200245f8! Aborting.

I first set the modem to power off using ```lte_power_off()```, and then call ```nrf_regulators_system_off(NRF_REGULATORS_NS);```

I'm calling this from a non-secure app. Do I have to add configuration in the bootloader to allow non-secure access to the REGULATORS registers? Are there additional steps to configure before going into System Off mode?

- Jack

  • Hi Jack,

    I am sorry for the delay.

    Could you explain what you are using as reference?

    I do not recognize this lte_power_off() function, is this a custom function.

    It would be helpful if you could share some code, and if anything is sensitive we can make this case private.

    Please see how the different thing are enabled in non-secure/secure in the spm.c.

    Best Regards,

    Martin L.

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