nRF9160 System Off Mode Bus Fault Error


I'm trying to put the nRF9160 into System Off mode and am getting a bus fault error when writing to the REGULATORS module. This is the error output:

***** BUS FAULT *****
Precise data bus error
BFAR Address: 0x40004500
***** Hardware exception *****
Current thread ID = 0x200245f8
Faulting instruction address = 0x412da
Fatal fault in thread 0x200245f8! Aborting.

I first set the modem to power off using ```lte_power_off()```, and then call ```nrf_regulators_system_off(NRF_REGULATORS_NS);```

I'm calling this from a non-secure app. Do I have to add configuration in the bootloader to allow non-secure access to the REGULATORS registers? Are there additional steps to configure before going into System Off mode?

- Jack

  • Hi Jack,
    Sorry for my confusion.

    Basically we need to set the regulators in non-secure to be able to use it:

    To set the Regulators in non-secure we can add this in the spm.c:


    And we need to set it as default non-secure in the Kconfig file:

    	bool "Regulators is Non-Secure"
    	default y

    From the serial output you can confirm that the Regulators are set in Non-Secure:

    Best Regards,

    Martin L.

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