What does the current consumption value measured by power profile kit (PPK) board mean ?

Hi experts,

I used power profile kit (PPK) board to measure the current consumption of nRF52-DK which containing nRF52832.

When i using PPK and nRF Connect APP for measurement, i could see the current output which i had predict earlier, 

approximately 6 uA.

This output value is almost same with the online power profile in devzone website.

Now, I wonder about this result.

Does consumption output calculated by PPK only means the current consumption of nRF52832 SoC chip?

Specifically, if i make a custom BLE device with nRF52832 chip, then is this board will consume the same current?

if not... Since PPK output value just means the current consumption of nRF chip only, so custom board would

consume more current?

i know that my question and grammar is weird, but probably you guys know what i intended..

Please answer my question, experts..!