Ram Memory Requirement


I am developing a Bluetooth peripheral application using NRF52832 MCU , where in it is used for collecting vibration sensor data for about specific duration.

like say if the duration is 1 sec including all the 3 axis will require 9600 Bytes of RAM , after acquiring data i am advertising and when device gets connected, and notify is turned on it will transfer the captured data.

My question is i am using s132 soft device for this, i want to know the total RAM memory required by the application , of 64KB of RAM like some kind of memory layout, where the memory is utilized, can anyone help me with this.

when i checked memory layoutMemory layout segger embedded studio

in segger embedded studio , it showed something as reserved RAM (as highlighted above) , can anyone explain what are those memory section are. 

when i go for 4 second duration application is blocking.

Thanks & Regards