How to config the sdk_config.h when using nrf_drv_twi APIs in SDK 15.2?

Development software: SES 4.16;

Computer platform: macOS 10.14.4;

Hardware: nRF52832QFAA.

Hello everyone~

I'm trying to use the nrf_drv_twi APIs to drive the sensor bma253. I try to learn from the example twi_sensor. After I configured the sdk_config.h of my ble_app_template project, the following ERROR appeared: 'NRF_DRV_TWI_INSTANCE_0' undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean 'NRF_DRV_TWI_INSTANCE_'?

I've found that was because that NRFX_TWIM0_ENABLED is still gray so the NRF_DRV_TWI_INSTANCE_0 is undefined. When I point my mouse to the gray  NRFX_TWIM0_ENABLED and right click, the choose GO TO DEFINITION, the IDE always open the apply_old_config.h instead the sdk_config.h.

I tried many ways to turn it on but at last failed. I want to know how to config these TWI macros to let it work. 

Begging for help~