Problems with ZigBee SDK


I am using nrf52840 module with a kit that i built by myself. The kit is working because i am able to flash and debug without problems.

I am using Segger embedded studio.

I am trying to understand the sdk, so i tried with light bulb example, but it always stucks on the function zboss_main_loop_iteration() in the while loop (I knew it, doing a debug for the program) but when i tried to enter to that function, the ide didn't find the definition of the function. The same case happened with many functions. I want to know if their source is closed or it's me that i have built the toolchain in wrong way?

The main goal was to test the light bulb with Alexa Eco Plus using Zigbee, but Alexa didn't recognize anything.


  • Hi,

    Yes, our Zigbee stack uses ZBOSS 3.0 stack which is closed source. All our examples use channel 16 as default, so you need a coordinator listening on that channel for the device to join a network. Most probably the Echo Plus has already created a network using another channel.

    If you have a nRF52840 dongle you can use it as a sniffer to check in which channel the network is located, and you can change ZIGBEE_CHANNEL in the example for the right one.

    Best regards,