Bug: Windows line-ending characters

Many, many files have Windows line-endings, for example the `./build_all.sh` bash script in micro-ecc, but many files more as well.


# This script will use git (must be in $PATH) and arm-none-eabi tools in combination with GNU Make^M
# to both fetch and compile all variants of micro-ecc for the nRF5 families^M
if ! [ -x "$(command -v git)" ]; then^M
    echo 'git is not installed. Please install and append to PATH.' >&2^M
if [ ! -f micro-ecc/uECC.c ]; then^M
    echo "micro-ecc not found! Let's pull it from HEAD."^M
    git clone github.com/.../micro-ecc.git^M
make -C nrf51_armgcc/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf51_iar/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf51_keil/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52hf_armgcc/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52hf_iar/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52hf_keil/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52nf_armgcc/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52nf_iar/armgcc &&^M
make -C nrf52nf_keil/armgcc^M


This leads to faults in Linux/Unix machines:

./build_all.sh: bad interpreter: /bin/bash^M: no such file or directory

The executable bit is not set either.

Please, consider removing Ctrl+M characters before submitting the code to your internal repository. In that way it's the least likely it ends up in your zip files.