nRF52 Proximity example - iOS - custom serial number/mac address visibility without connection

Hi. I'm using a nRF52840 chip and have a flavour of Proximity profile example being used with some custom services and characteristics that have been added. All is good in Android but for iOS because I can't see UUID's the app developers are asking if we can somehow embed serial number (10digits) somewhere so that they can see device without connecting.

I am evaluating the following options but have limited experience with iOS beacons -->

1) Embed 10digit serial number in a 128bit UUID in a new service/characteristic.

2) Advertisement packet - Add serial number here. But on nrfconnct on ios I can only see the minors of services and my company name. Is the advertisement data normally visible using proximity example on iOS to app? 


I am trying to study if I need iBeacon or not. I rather use existing code for being very close to production but do I definitely need an iBeacon to have advertisement data visible to iOS app "without" connecting.

3) If ibeacon is necessary then other than company ID is that a major change to the proximity example code?

Please advise.