NRF Connect and DFU on Iphone does not work reliably

Hello Nordic Semiconductor Team,

I have a device which uses the buttonless dfu bootloader / app design. And now i have some issues with updating the firmware with iphones and NRF connect.

If i connect with NRF connect on iphone (version 1.8.8) and start a DFU update. The app just stays on "connecting" and i can see from the LEDs on my device, that the device did not go into bootloader mode.  After some time the app says: "Device disconnected unexpectedly" . (But the device is still in the normal application, according to the leds).

If I then press the "play"/ start button again the device correctly goes into bootloader mode and the update proceeds correctly.

If i use the NRF toolbox app it always works the first time. Also on android it works fine with both nrf connect and nrf toolbox.

So is there something wrong in the current nrf connect app on iphone ? Or is there some issue with my firmware which only shows with nrf connect on iphone ? Or maybe the DFU library is different ? What DFU library version is used in the NRF connect app (NRF toolbox shows the version number, but nrf connect does not).

kind regards