From NRF52 GCC Linker File to SES Placement File

Hello everyone,

I need to take a complete NRF52832 project with code written without the help of an IDE (using GCC and a hand-made Linker script) and make it available in Segger Embedded Studio.

I managed to create a new project with the right includes, so the project compiles fine. The problem I am now stucked with is the Linking. I am no expert in linker files, so I am struggling a bit to understand how to proceed.

The original linker script declares quite some sections, so the first thing I tried was to do nothing and let SES use whatever section placement it uses by default. 

This did not work.

I then looked a bit more in the options, and I selected in SES the option "Use Manual Linker Script". But this does not work either.

I then decided to post a question here, because maybe you know a "migration guide" or some place where I can find information on how to migrate from a .ld linker script to a segger placement file.....

Thanks in advance for your help!