increase transmission buffer size in ble_app_uart_c transfer large data


I need send 10000bytes large data send central to peripheral in single transmission. I using example code ble_app_uart_c in SDK15.2 nrf52832. what are the parameter i change to increase transmission buffer size in central and peripheral code...???? 

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    You can edit UART_TX_BUF_SIZEUART_RX_BUF_SIZE in main.c. You can change this define to increase or decrease the number as per your requirement but keeping the RAM size in mind. Please also see this post.

    #define UART_TX_BUF_SIZE        256                                     /**< UART TX buffer size. */
    #define UART_RX_BUF_SIZE        256                                     /**< UART RX buffer size. */

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  • Thanks for replay

    I testing send central to peripheral 10000bytes in every 5seconds using below function

    err_code=ble_nus_c_string_send(&m_ble_nus_c, send_Data, sizeof(send_Data)); //send_Data size like 10000byte

    error code return this kind of error

     0> <warning> ble_nus_c: Connection handle invalid.

    In my application I can transmit 10000bytes central(ble_app_uart_c) to peripheral(ble_app_uart) SDK15.2.

    How did Connection  handle transmit 10000bytes send to peripheral any handle function is there...???

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