Vtg pin on nrf51 dk seems to send the device into recovery. (urgent)

I have been trying to flash my nrf51822 by waveshare using my nrf 51 DK. I have been making the following connection. I am currently using P20 as the needle adapter for P19 is not availailbe in the market.

VDD on DK ---> VDD (using the DK to power the chip but have tried using BLE400 which is the board housing the chip in the picture and external battery to power it)

Vtg on DK ---> VDD



GND Detect ---> GND

Here is a picture of the connections i am using.

Every time i try to flash the device with any incoming voltage on the Vtg pin of the DK, nrfgo studio goes into the following state.

My project is due in 2 days, any help would be very appreciated. My codes are completed and working on the DK but need to be uploaded into the chips in order for me to implement. Any help would be much appreciated. This happens every time i power the Vtg pin in any way. I am completely new to these systems, any simplification would be very helpful

  • Hi,

    Please measure the VDD voltage on the module to confirm that it is indeed 3-3.3 V. VTG must be connected to VDD to enable programming out on the debug out header. Also, if you can try the same with nrfjprog from the command line. E.g., run nrfjprog --recover in case readback protection is enabled.