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Segger Ozone causes a soft device error when trying to debug or reset during debugging

Utilizing SDK 15.2 and Softdevice S132, when debugging with Segger Ozone and starting from main or after triggering a reset to restart at main an ERROR 8 [NRF_ERROR_INVALID_STATE] is produced when nrf_sdh_enable_request is called.  I have reproduced this on mulitiple boards, and utilizing multiple j-link debug probes including the Nordic NRF52-DK.  Can be reproduced simply by trying to debug one of the example applications (such as ble_app_hrcs) directly on the NRF52-DK board utilizing Ozone.  Without utilizing the soft device debugging works normally.  Also if I set a watchdog timer and allow it to reset while debugging the nrf_sdh_enable_request works normally.