Problems while discovering services on a multilink central


I developped a multilink central based on the example code ble_app_multilink_central.

I want to connect to several peripherals with two different custom services as shown in the following schematic.

The connection work but I have problems while discovering the services.

Sometimes the central discover all the services but often some services are not discovered and I don't understand why.

The discovery handler executes many times for each connection and the event type is often BLE_DB_DISCOVERY_ERROR.

Here is my discovery handler :

Here is an example of what can happen during a connection with 2 RFID and 1 Relay :

Here we can see that we have the relay on conn_handle 0x0 and the RFIDs on conn_handle 0x1 and 0x2.

We can see that the RFID service is not discovered on the conn_handle 0x1.

My questions are :

-When does the discovery handler execute for each connection?

-How to obtain the event BLE_DB_DISCOVERY_COMPLETE?

-Why does the discovery handler execute several time on each connection? And why is it not executed again while the service is not discovered?

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