Porting / Running Serialization Application on STM32


I have been working on porting the BLE UART PHY Serialization to the STM32L476 (with a Nordic NRF52832 Dev Board and STM32L476 Nucleo-64).  I have read the porting documentation provided in the Nordic SDK here: https://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/index.jsp?topic=%2Fstruct_sdk%2Fstruct%2Fsdk_nrf5_latest.html&cp=5_0

I have made some progress following the provided documentation. However, it seems that provided documentation is incomplete as I have found some additional files that appear to require modification / porting, including:




Should these files require poritng? Is there any updated documentation for porting these files? 

The documentation also mentions porting app_mailbox.c.  It appears this file is no longer part of the SDK.

Also, can you please provide the compiler defines that I should be using to properly compile the serialization layer.  Currently I am using the following:


Please advise.

Thank you,