SPI communication via DMA in background using ppi and a timer


I've just realized the project from 


And it is working quiet well. Now I need something similar for SPI communication. I've tried it with the registers but so far no success since in the new SDK there is no CS entry for the register:

typedef struct {

  __IOM uint32_t  SCK;                          /*!< (@ 0x00000000) Pin select for SCK                                         */

  __IOM uint32_t  MOSI;                         /*!< (@ 0x00000004) Pin select for MOSI signal                                 */

  __IOM uint32_t  MISO;                         /*!< (@ 0x00000008) Pin select for MISO signal                                 */

} SPIM_PSEL_Type;                               /*!< Size = 12 (0xc)                                                           */

So is there any official or unofficial example for using the NRF_SPIM0->... either via driver or directly via the registers?

So far in the TWIM example it is not possible to switch between DMA and direct write without uninitialization of the SPI.

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