Peer manager issue: bond, rank & delete

Hi, I'm using SDK15.3 on a NRF52840 chip and have some questions wrt to the peer manager and its ranking system. Once we bond with a peer, we print the full list of peers using:

void PrintBondList()
    pm_peer_id_t currentPeerId = pm_next_peer_id_get(PM_PEER_ID_INVALID);
    uint8_t i = 1;
    while (currentPeerId != PM_PEER_ID_INVALID)
        pm_peer_data_bonding_t peerData;
        pm_peer_data_bonding_load(currentPeerId, &peerData);

        uint32_t rank;
        uint16_t rankLenght = sizeof(rank);
        pm_peer_data_load(currentPeerId, PM_PEER_DATA_ID_PEER_RANK, &rank, &rankLenght);

        // Print mac address and rank here.

        currentPeerId = pm_next_peer_id_get(currentPeerId);

Each time, we get a new device to be bonded, we rank this peer ID as highest in the event coming from the peer manager:

    if ( event.params.peer_data_update_succeeded.action == PM_PEER_DATA_OP_UPDATE &&
         event.params.peer_data_update_succeeded.data_id == PM_PEER_DATA_ID_BONDING)
            ret_code_t result = pm_peer_rank_highest(event.peer_id);
            assert(result == NRF_SUCCESS);

When we execute the following scenario:

- Bond with peer

- Disconnect

- Print list of peers - this gives us a total of one bond with rank '1'

- Delete all peers using pm_peers_delete

- Bond with SAME peer

- Disconnect

- Print list of peers - this shows a single peer but the rank is a unexpected number (e.g. 537132104). Once we trigger a system reset, the peer address (mac address) is still OK, but the rank is changed. 

Is there anything we miss here, or are we facing an issue in the SDK?

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