What does the BLE event 0x57 mean?

I've added a HID service in my project.

I see a lot of messages

<00> debug> nrf_sdh_ble: BLE event: 0x57.

in the RTT Viewer.

What does the event 0x57 mean?

  • See the file in the SDK :


    I'm referencing the softdevice 132, but the others will be the same.

    Search for enum BLE_GATTS_EVT. Line 89.

    You will see that the first entry in the enum is BLE_GATTS_EVT_BASE. You can find that value in ble_ranges.h (same directory).

    The value of BLE_GATTS_EVT_BASE is 0x50. Increment through the enum and you will find 0x57 is BLE_GATTS_EVT_HVN_TX_COMPLETE.

    That event means that your indication or notification as been transmitted, and if I understand the softdevice correctly, the packets successfully received by the peer at the link layer.

    Your data made it! Party time.

    I highly recommend that you employ an editor with tagging capabilities and tag the softdevice and portions of the SDK you intend to use (or perhaps all of it).

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