Writing to SDcard is possible with keil but not with embedded studio


I am writing a program using SDK 15.0.0.

I'm trying to merge SPI and TWI programs into BLE programs.

I used keil before to confirm that each program was working properly.
However, since it exceeds 32k bytes when it merges, I decided to use Embedded studio.

TWI and SPI are programs that save the output value from the acceleration sensor to the SD card.

In keil I was able to write to the SD card normally, but in Embedded studio the character was not written.
However, it turned out that the number of bytes originally intended to be written was secured by tab and line feed.
The code is written as “f_write (& file, buf0, 5, (UINT *) & bytes_written);”, but it is possible that keil can write and Embedded studio can not write characters. Is it?
Or simply my lack of settings?

Please tell me ignorant me.

Thank you.

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