Custom Board based on nRF9160 + GPIO Pin Mapping problem

I'm trying to map custom PIN mapping on my prototype board, based on nRF9160 DK.

I had to remove the UART0 pins and map them for my purpose, but when I'm trying to configure the pins:

int LED_RED = 28;
int LED_GREEN = 30;

int initializeDiode1 = gpio_pin_configure(gpio_dev, LED_RED, GPIO_DIR_OUT);
int initializeDiode2 = gpio_pin_configure(gpio_dev, LED_GREEN, GPIO_DIR_OUT);

and set their state to HIGH

gpio_pin_write(gpio_dev, LED_RED, 1);
gpio_pin_write(gpio_dev, LED_GREEN, 1);

Only the PIN number 30 actually create Voltage on output, but not the 28th.

Can you help me with that?
Thank you