Issue porting 'Radio Test' example from SDK15.3.0 to nRF52810

I am trying to port the 'radio test' example code in SDK15.3.0 from the nRF52832 to the nRF52810 so we can do some pre-certification testing of the radio in our custom design.  I have searched DevZone and found a couple of similar posts but none offer help to resolve the issue described below.

I followed all steps discussed in: under the section "Creating your own emulated project" starting with no changes to the example code to first get the code ported and running before transferring the project to my custom nrf52810 hardware.  I am not able to get past the linker error:

    Output/radio_test_pca10040e Release/Obj/nrfx_uarte.o: in function `UARTE0_UART0_IRQHandler':
    multiple definition of `UARTE0_UART0_IRQHandler';

I have spent hours trying to figure this out.  The original project builds fine for the nRF52832 and I am using all of the same code in the example project including sdk_config.h.  There must be something different in the nRF52810 related to the use of UARTs that is not documented?

Help is much appreciated as we will need this testing done soon before we can start production.

Thanks in advance