SPI DFU master & slave code, compatible with 15.3

Hi there,

Can we please get an updated example for Appendix 5 in this blog?

Specifically the DFUMaster_SPI and the bootloader_secure_SPIS.  Ideally it would be compatible with SDK 15.3 since we're all encouraged to update to the latest SDK :)
And, SES would be preferable, since it's free for Nordic uses now.

I actually need it for pca10056 (nrf52840), but anything would help right now. I have a rather intricate DFU mechanism I need to implement, and this would be very helpful to complete the puzzle.

Currently the SPIS depends on SDK 14's driver which has changed in SDK 15, so it wouldn't build.


  • Hi Cecylia,

    Unfortunately we don't have an example for SDK v15.3 yet. I will try to find some free time to update the example. But I don't know when. 

    I would suggest you to have a look at the SPIS example SDK v15.3 and check if anything need to be updated. I don't see much has been changed regarding SPI.