sd_ble_gap_device_identities_set hardfault

SDK15.0 whitelist hardfault

when setting the sd_ble_gap_device_identities_set using the iOS nrfConnect the non DK board hardfaults.

On an android device all works fine.

Any ideas of where to start.  The whitelist code from the PM_EVT_PEER_DATA_UPDATE_SUCCEEDED event is straight out of ble_peripheral_hids_keyboard.

static uint32_t          m_whitelist_peer_cnt = 0;                      /**< Number of peers currently in the whitelist. */
static pm_peer_id_t      m_whitelist_peers[1];                       /**< List of peers currently in the whitelist. */

                if ((p_evt->params.peer_data_update_succeeded.flash_changed)
                        && (p_evt->params.peer_data_update_succeeded.data_id == PM_PEER_DATA_ID_BONDING))
                    //NRF_LOG_WARNING("New Bond, add the peer to the whitelist if possible");
                    //NRF_LOG_WARNING("\tm_whitelist_peer_cnt %d, MAX_PEERS_WLIST %d", m_whitelist_peer_cnt + 1, NRF_SDH_BLE_PERIPHERAL_LINK_COUNT);
                    // Note: You should check on what kind of white list policy your application should use.
                    if (m_whitelist_peer_cnt < 1)
                            // Bonded to a new peer, add it to the whitelist.
                            m_whitelist_peers[m_whitelist_peer_cnt++] = p_evt->peer_id;

                            // The whitelist has been modified, update it in the Peer Manager.
                            err_code = pm_device_identities_list_set(m_whitelist_peers, m_whitelist_peer_cnt);
                            if (err_code != NRF_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED)

                            err_code = pm_whitelist_set(m_whitelist_peers, m_whitelist_peer_cnt);

I am looking thru the iOS Accessory Design guildelines and can not find a reason as to what I need to be looking at

Thanks for any help you might give.