nRF52840 mini Dongle



For a running project I would like to have a nRF52840 based mini dongle (Logitech Unifying formfactor).

I found some parties who sell nRF52840 dongles but thy are to large.

Is there anybody who found a manufacturer selling this kind of mini dongles?

A second option could be to develop a mini dongle myself. Especially with the new WLCSP package it is not that difficult to design a dongle with a small formfactor. The only problem is the prize level of the dongle is to high for my project (or the volume is to low to reach a healthy prize level).

My second question is. Are the people here who have the same need for a small dongle, and are interested in collaborating to design and produce a mini nRF840 based universal dongle?

Mabey Nordic itself is also interested in collaborating in this idea?

I really think a nRF52840 based dongle could be very useful in many applications as it can handle multiple protocols in one device.

Please let me know your thoughts and who knows.

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  • In what way(s) "crappy" ?

    You have a point here. The appearance of a product is a matter of opinion. So I removed that statement.

    Do you have experience with doing that - especially the RF part?

    Yes, I have experience with RF design, build FSK and ASK transmitters and receivers from scratch in the past. The RF part of the nRF50840 is not so hard if you follow the reference designs and follow high speed design methodology.

    Some tips:

    1. Keep your traces short.
    2. Control the impedance of your tracks @50Ohm.
    3. Make sure the reference plane under your RF traces and parts is not interrupted.
    4. Use bended tracks if possible (no hard corners).
    5. Avoid stubs.
    6. Make sure the self-resonance frequency of your impedance matching parts is as far as possible above 2,5Ghz.
    7. If the design is small. Use a standard chip antenna as described in the reference designs (2450AT18A100E).
    8. Make sure there is no reference plane under the chip antenna.