Secure DFU SDK15.3 error


I try to compile secure DFU from examples SDK15.3 for nrf52810 (pca10040e_ble). I added old files from DFU SDK15.0 in to my new project. Also added file micro_ecc_lib_nrf52.lib compiled before for SDK15.0 where it works fine. Added in the folder ...\external\micro-ecc\nrf52nf_keil\armgcc\micro_ecc_lib_nrf52.lib

But Keil show error message when compile it.

.\_build\nrf52810_xxaa_s112.axf: Error: L6366E: micro_ecc_lib_uECC.c.o attributes are not compatible with the provided attributes .

What possible reason?

  • Hi,

    What old files did you add to the new project? There are some changes between the SDK versions, see the release notes for details. You may have to do some updates. If you start a new project I recommend not mixing SDK versions, even of the same major version. At the time of writing the latest nRF5 SDK version is 15.3.0.

    Can you try compiling microecc in nRF5 SDK v15.3.0 instead of copying in the files from v15.0.0?


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