pro and cons in using usbd_hid_composite_pca10056 or usbd_pca10056 as a starting point template for USB development

To the kind attention of Nordic,

while I'm planning to do a software porting from nRF24 to nRF52840,
I've been studying some of the usb applications you provide in your nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96:
usbd_hid_composite_pca10056 and usbd_pca10056.

I was considering to use usbd_pca10056 for a custom HID device, and everything was fine.

Then I realized that there is no HID Feature Request communication already implemented
in usbd_pca10056 that allows to collect data that are meant to endpoint 0 out


That feature is implemented in the usbd_hid_composite_pca10056 project that make use
of app_usbd_* files.
May you please point me up to the right documentation in order to better understand
pro and cons in using as a template starting point one project instead of the other, apart from
the HID Feature communication?
Sorry if the question seems to be silly, but not being an USB implementation expert
I would like to better highlight what are the possibilities offered by those two projects I mentioned,
as Nordic kindly provide them to study.

Thanks for your comprehension and your kindness.