Flash erase failure when scanning interval/window is 3.125 ms

Hi all,

I have a problem where I get a Flash page erase failure when scanning interval/window is 3.125 ms (or other very small value).

(SD132 2.0.0, SDK 11.0.0)

When I call Flash page erase via sd_flash_page_erase() after power up, it fails if scanning has already been started via sd_ble_gap_scan_start() while using a small interval/window.  In my case both scan interval and window are a count of 5 (x .625 = 3.125 ms).  If I choose 150 count interval and window (x .625 = 93.75 ms) it works fine.

I imagine that the Soft Device doesn't have enough time to schedule the page erase between scan events.  Is it documented somewhere if there is a minimum advertising or scanning interval to be able to do a Flash page erase?  Maybe I should stop scanning, then erase Flash page, then restart scanning?

Maybe it's a limitation of the SoftDevice and/or SDK versions that I am using, which are a couple of years old?

Does anyone know what could be happening?