Connection interval not as requested

I have a central and peripheral both running on nrf52840 Dev Kits. The connection is made by scanning using the 15.3.0 SDK scanning module with a UUID filter and connect_if_match set to false. The connection is completed by calling sd_ble_gap_connect() when the NRF_BLE_SCAN_EVT_FILTER_MATCH event is received. The connect is established and is useable, but when looking at the messaging using nRF Sniffer, the connection interval does no match that requested when calling sd_ble_gap_connect(), nor does it match the value in the Connect Request packet (which is the same as requested: 30ms). The actual connection interval as indicated by the sniffer is 7.5ms. Attached is a screen capture from nRF Sniffer. Am I missing something?