Hi! I'm brand new to Nordic development. I am unable to get blinky working for the nrf52810 SoC, running off of the Rigado BMD-330 evaluation board; however, I am able to successfully run any other set of example code like uart or the classic hrs. I'm sure there is just something silly that I have missed, but I can't for the life of me figure out what that issue is.

I'm running SES, SDK 15.2, S112. I have tried using both the external 32kHz clock on my eval board and the internal RC, but the symptoms are the same for both.

When debugging, blinky will run (no LEDs blinking, but LED1 is on and solid), but the system will hang indefinitely at:

0001164E     BF40        sev

If I pause and play the debugger while it is hanging then at some point the system enters app_error_fault_handler. I set up the debugger so that it outputs to the debug terminal. The error description is:


with the locals showing the following:

ID: 0x00000001

PC: 0x0001012e

info: 0x00000000

Thoughts? Advice on how to proceed from here? I'd like to be able to resolve this issue as a learning experience to figure out a bit about what is actually going on under the hood.