I am using :

ncs: v0.4.0 

SES 4.16 

firmware: mfwnrf916007029alpha

Hardware: nRF9160 DK v: 0.8.5

I want to do: 

1. Enable and get GPS position ("AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=0,0,1,0") and data from BMP280 sensor  --> store it in data_pack

2. Turnoff GPS and Enable LTE_M: ("AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=1,0,0,0") & use HTTP POST to post data_pack to my webserver 

3. Switch to NB-IoT: ("AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=0,1,0,0") & use HTTP POST to post data_pack to my webserver

Is it posiblie to do like that now?

I know: "The current modem firmware, v0.7.0-29-alpha, allows you to choose the system mode via command %XSYSTEMMODE, but it does not support them concurrently, meaning that you cannot have GPS + NB-IoT, or GPS + CAT M1, enabled simultaneously at this time."

I can switch: AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=0,0,1,0/AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=1,0,0,0/AT\%XSYSTEMMODE=0,1,0,0 but I couldn't POST data to my webserver.

Do you have any suggestions?