Multicentral Zephyr Development Examples or Documentation

I have a development environment using Zephyr; setup and working from the documentation I found for the nRF Connect SDK.  I am using SES and am able to debug the provided examples.  How do I alter the build options for the examples?  Right clicking the project only has a greyed out "Options".  I am attempting to alter the UART Central example to connect to multiple peripheral devices.  I can't find any good documentation doesn't seem to touch on this subject at all.  Starting a scan after the first device connects leads to that device immediately trying to connect again.  It appears like it reconnects automatically.  Ideally I would like to catch it during the scan phase and not enter the connection phase if I am already connected?  Also, having the scan running during UART data transmission gives me a ENOTCONN error.  Anyone try to do something similar?