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The nRF connect application stopped working.

Hi, everyone,

We are developing projects with nRF52832/51822 chips by using development board PCA10040. The programming of the chips is done by “nRF Connect\Programmer”. Suddenly the program stopped recognizing the boards by showing these messages: “Error while probing devices: Error occured when get serial numbers. Errorcode: CouldNotOpenDLL (0x7) Lowlevel error: JLINKARM_DLL_TOO_OLD (ffffff99)” and “Unsupported device. The detected device could not be recognized as neither JLink device nor Nordic USB device.” While other programs as “nrfjprog”, “nRF Studio”, “Keil” and “Visual GDB” work with it correctly. We tried to install “JLink_V622g” as was written on other chats, but it didn’t help. What can be the problem?

  • Hi,

    From what I can tell we have not seen any issues with the JLink drivers lately, similar to those that we saw a year ago. Updating to the latest version might be a good idea.

    What version of nRF Connect, and what version of the programmer app, are you using?

    What is the version of nrfjprog?


  • Dear Boris,

    I know this is an old thread.

    I was facing the same problem. I got the same error, while using nRF connect, but JLink normally worked in Keil.

    The problem was, that when I have installed nRF Connect, i didn't have admin user privileges. After re-install with admin user privileges, error was gone. Everything start to work as it should at the first place.