How to put the nrf52832 into deep sleep mode


I am currently using nRF52832 with SDK v11.0.0 and S132 v2.0.0. I am also using the soft device as my application requires. I have been trying to put the CPU into SYSTEM OFF mode using the following:

// Configure the "main" button:


// Enter SYSTEM OFF mode


There is one major problem -- the system is still pulling a lot of current ~3.5mA. I don't understand what is going on. I read this in the manual, in section 18.2: "

Before entering System OFF mode, the user must make sure that all on-going EasyDMA transactions have been completed. This is usually accomplished by making sure that the EasyDMA enabled peripheral is not active when entering System OFF. "

Questions: -Am I using the correct function call for my version of the SDK to put the system in System OFF mode?

                  - Is the EasyDMA consuming that much current?! If so, how do I disable EasyDMA and ensure all transactions are complete?

                   - What other calls am I missing?