asset_tracker does not work with firmware v1.0.0


- DK 0.8.2 in which SB44 is cut, and P1 and P2 are connected
- firmware v1.0.0
- program : asset_tracker
- SIM: iBasis

Before updating firmware, asset_tracker worked fine. 

However, after updating, LED3 is always blinking and LED4 is off.
What I do is to write the program to DK, push reset button, and wait for more than 5 min.
at_client program and LTE Link Monitor works out with v1.0.0.

this is log

SPM: NS image at 0xc000
SPM: NS MSP at 0x2002aa00
SPM: NS reset vector at 0x142f1
SPM: prepare to jump to Non-Secure image.
***** Booting Zephyr OS v1.14.99-ncs2-rc3 *****
Asset tracker started
Connecting to LTE network. This may take several minutes.
Connected to LTE network

Any idea to solve this?

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  • Hi.

    Edit: This procedure has been deprecated by an update to the nRF Cloud API. For a new procedure, see


    If your device has been registered at nRF Cloud earlier, you can recover your certificates by following this procedure:

    1. Install httpie.
    2. Get your API key from nRF Cloud (you can find it at your account page).
    3. Get the device ID by running 
      http Authorization:"Bearer <your API key>"
    4. Get the devices certificates by running 
      http POST<device ID>/certificates Authorization:"Bearer <API key>"
    5. Get Amazon's root CA certificate:
    6. Write the certificates to the modem
      1. By writing certificates to the modem using AT command:
        1. Root CA cert: AT%CMNG=0,16842753,0,"< Amazon root CA >"
        2. Client cert:     AT%CMNG=0,16842753,1,"< Client cert >"
        3. Private key:    AT%CMNG=0,16842753,2,"< Private key >"
      2. Or by adding the certificates and your client ID to certificates.h (in the asset tracker sample) and adding CONFIG_NRF_CLOUD_PROVISION_CERTIFICATES=y to your prj.conf

    Best regards,