Use URI or UUID filter


I am migrating my code based on Mesh SDK V2 to V3.1.0. on nRF52840.

The filter based on the uuid used in functions "prov_helper_provision_next_device" and "uuid_filter_compare" is not used anymore in the examples.

Instead, the URI is used with functions such as "uri_hash_compare".

So i created my own URI based on URI_SCHEME_EXAMPLE and a string identifying a "network ID" allowing the device to connect or not to the network. It is very similar to the previous uuid filter.

Now both filters are working simultaneously but i have few questions:

Is it the proper way to do it / to use uri filter ?

Can i delete my old uuid filter ?

What else do i have to takeinto account in my filter ?

  • Hi Damien, 

    It's up to you. Earlier in SDK v2.x we used the device UUID to identify the product we want to provision. But this has a limitation that all your device with same functionality will have same UUID, which is not ideal. 

    So it's better with using the URI hash. So you can have multiple devices with different UUIDs but can have same URI. It's a more proper way of doing it.