BLE USB Adapter


I would like my BLE device to connect to the PC via a BLE USB adapter. How do I do this? How does this work? Will my BLE device act as a peripheral and connect to the adapter which would be a central? Is this why it maintains a dedicated connection on startup? Does it require writing a special firmware for a dongle or are there any dongles out there which happen to connect to any BLE device? How does the adapter communicate with the BLE device - on virtual com port or some gatt service? In my BLE firmware, I'm using gatt services like MIDI, HID and a custom service.

Are there any USB C dongles available? Are there any dongles available for cell phones?

Should the dongle & BLE device use the same gatt service? Should the BLE dongle's firmware be modified keeping in mind that its a central communicating with other BLE device or is the firmware that comes along with the dongle sufficient? Does one have to manually connect the BLE device to the BLE dongle or is the firmware in the dongle written in such a way that it automatically gets connected to the BLE device even if the PC to which the dongle is connected changes?

  • Our nRF52840 Dongle is able to connect to any BLE device and has a variety of examples, both to act as a peripheral and a central. You can use it to communicate with the PC over, for example, UART, SPI, etc. 

    Nordic does not provide any USB C or cell phone compatible dongles I'm afraid, but there are probably some out there. I don't know what you want your Dongle to do exactly, but in order to use gatt services, HID and custom services you would need to modify our example code in order to use them all. This custom service example is great for learning how to develop your own custom services etc.

    Depending on what firmware you flash onto an nRF52 Dongle you should be able to connect it to another device both automatically and "manually". We have examples for both in our SDK

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