How to Develop nRF52832 DK on Segger embedded studio


I have purchased an nRF52832 DK to develop a human fall detection device. I'm a newbie to embedded studio, and nordic products. I just started to understand things on the nRF52 sdk and documentation online. Can someone explain me what BSP means? I came across this when I was checking out the blinky example provided by the sdk.

I don't really understand the definitions of the functions given in the examples. Are those functions from the libraries? How am I supposed to develop something? I'm using an accelerometer LIS331HH, it has both SPI and I2C. I'm planning to use SPI. How am I supposed wirte the code to intergrate the accelerometer with via SPI to this board?

Is there any way I can understand easily? 

FYI I've been going through the examples provided by the sdk and the documentation so far and I have experience with arduino , msp430 and FPGA. And I'm using segger embedded studio to code.

My final plan is to intergrate the nrf52832 dk code back to the break out board nRF52832 I purchased from sparks fun.

Can someone direct me or help me please, I'm running out of time.

Thank You!

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