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J-Link RTT for easy debug prints

Not really a question, but it took me way to long to find out about J-Link RTT (i.e. j-link Real Time Terminal for easy debug printing so I thought I would mention it for future searchers on the subject.

If you have been using serial to get trace output on the dev boards and are looking for an option to get multiple channels of text output (and input!) with just a few .c files on your target device, you might want to check it out:

Also really loving the Tag-Connect form factor for connecting my little target board to J-Link if you haven't checked it out.

  • You should turn this into a blog post so more people see it in future - RTT is useful, and recent, so not a lot of people are yet using it.

    I found to my delight that Crossworks, which I use for development, added RTT support recently so you get the debug output right in the debug console, it's zero work.

  • future ? to use terminal in 2017 is future ? you are using Android right ? that might explain the gap in understanding UI and UX, and how they are important even if you do "tech" .

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