Using LTE and GPS in the same project

I'm trying to use LTE and GPS in the same project. I know I cannot have LTE and GPS running concurrently, but I tried implementing edrx so I could get a GPS fix and alter between GPS and LTE. My implantation was calling lte_lc_edrx_req(true) after lte_lc_init_and_connect() and then immediately configuring and enabling GPS. This brings up a few questions:

How do you see what stage the modem is in? I cannot tell when I am in the paging cycle, sleep, or receiving and sending data.

I would also like to change the edrx period, if possible. What is the default? What is the procedure to change it?

What is the procedure to prepare the project for using edrx/spm (settings in prj.conf, etc)?

Is there an example implementing LTE and GPS at the same time?