nrf51822 in EYSGJNAWY-WX

Hello All
My English is not good, so Sorry
I have a question like this

I have self BLE unit - EYSGJNAWY-WX from TAIYO YUDEN firm
That has nrf51822 CPU and 32.000 crystal ( i have not KIT like examle nrf51 DK etc)
but his srvices they do not suit me, so I want write my services
I took a ready-made example from Keil - "Template Project" as start
it was compaled good. No errors, All good.
I Load to Flash SoftDevice at 0x000000 adress, then App at 0x1B000. Started under debbuger and App stoped on main() function. All good.
But! when i go step-by-step, in call - ble_stack_init() App is Loop forever.
I do not know why ????
what i do incorrect

But all examples thet i'w tryed, worked is same !!!

In Deeper in function
- uint32_t softdevice_handler_init() on line
- err_code = sd_softdevice_enable(clock_source, softdevice_fault_handler);
never return from there

  • Hi,

    A typical reason for ble_stack_init() is that sd_softdevice_enable() is waiting for the low frequency (32.768 kHz) clock to start. The SDK examples are configured to use the optional 32 kHz crystal, and if this is not part of the module this initialization will fail. The fix is to modify the SoftDevice configuration to start the internal 32.768 kHz RC oscillator (LFRC) instead. The way to do this depends a bit on the SDK version,but assuming you are using SDK 12.3 or similar, you should do as described here.