Questions regarding DFU, Bonding and iOS (caching)


I have some questions regarding DFU, Bonding and iOS (caching). In my current project I have a DFU bootloader which does not use bonds, however the application uses bonds.

The current setup is that the DFU bootloader uses a different MAC-address than the application, this way iOS will treat the DFU bootloader and the application as two different devices and caching is not an issue. Is this an okay solution or would it be preferable to use bonds in the DFU FW since the application uses it?

If using bonds with the DFU and adding the Services Changed characteristic and the application is it possible to share the bonding information between Application and DFU FWs? Is there any example that uses bonds for both DFU and application? From what I've read the DFU FW does not know where the App stores the bonding information and vice versa.

I've have tried changing the DFU FW to also use bonds, however I run into issues when I try to mergehex the settings file for the application with the hex for SD + APP + Bootloader, I'm assuming this is because there are overlapping memory addresses.

HW: nRF52832

SDK: 15.0

Softdevice: 6.0