Run Radio Test from SDK 15.3 on custom board

Hello there,

I want to run Radio Test on one nR52832 based custom board.

I have flashed the example from SDK 15.3 on the custom board using PCA10040.

I have done the recommended settings of PuTTY terminal, UART and USB

Now, I don't understand  the HW connection to run the commands shown in the documentation. 

What should be the HW setup or connections to apply the commands through terminal?



  • Hi Nimesh!

    I am not entirely sure I understand your question, but to run the commands on the board you need UART communication between the computer and your custom board. 

    However, since you're using a custom board, the example code might not work. See this thread for how to create your own board file or modify the existing one to add support for your custom board.

    Best regards,


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