Merging hids_keyboard with ble_uart examples

Hello DevZone, I am trying to combine the ble_app_uart with the ble_app_hids_keyboard example.

I have added the necessary libraries from the the uart code into the HIDS code, added include directories in the linker under "common" and the projects builds no issue. When I run it I get:


which directs me to:  advertising_init(), more specifically:

err_code = ble_advertising_init(&m_advertising, &init);

I am snagged here.

I have defined my UUIDs at the top as such:

static ble_uuid_t m_adv_uuids[] = {{BLE_UUID_HUMAN_INTERFACE_DEVICE_SERVICE, BLE_UUID_TYPE_BLE},
                                                        {BLE_UUID_NUS_SERVICE, NUS_SERVICE_UUID_TYPE}};

and I have adjusted the number of vendor specific UUIDs in the sdk_config.h


I have also made adjustments to the RAM start and RAM size in the linker:

<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Insufficient RAM allocated for the SoftDevice.
<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Change the RAM start location from 0x20002220 to 0x20002230.
<warning> nrf_sdh_ble: Maximum RAM size for application is 0xDDD0.
<error> nrf_sdh_ble: sd_ble_enable() returned NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM.
<error> app: ERROR 4 [NRF_ERROR_NO_MEM] at

Any suggestions as to where to go from here?

Thank you in advance.

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