Issue with Application loading after migration from SDK 14.2 to SDK 15.3

I am running custom firmware on a custom board using an nRF52832 chip. I have encountered an issue after migrating my project from SDK 14.2 to SDK 15.3. The issue is that my application is not starting and it occurs on two different occasions:

  1. After successfully performing an OTA DFU using a secure ble bootloader, my application doesn't run. The DFU is performed successfully but after nrf_bootloader_app_start() is called, is does not load my application.
  2. If my application is loaded and running on my device and the device is removed from power and then plugged back in, the application does not startup.

With that being said, if I merge the .hex files of the BL, BL settings, SD, and APP and flash them onto my device using nrfjprog, my application is loaded and runs properly. If I then remove my device from power and plug it back in, the application no longer starts. Loading the same bootloader and softdevice and then performing a DFU with my application does not successfully start my application either.

I tried both above scenarios with an example app from the SDK (blinky) which I modified to run on my custom board, and everything worked correctly. I was able to perform a DFU and have the application start, and if I power cycled the device, the app restarted.

This functionality used to work fine with my app when it was using SDK 14.2, it has only broken since migrating to SDK 15.3. Is there something that has changed that I need to be aware of?

Any help with the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Hung,

    Yes, when I now do debugging, I program and reset my device using nrfjprog and then use Target -> Attach debugger to do debugging.

    In the step "Test Again Using NRFJPROG" do you mean that if you connect and use SEGGER to debug, you have trouble after that ?

    No, the trouble occurs before connecting and using Segger to debug. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that if I have the application running without issue and then power cycle my device, my application will not restart and run. Adding the addition comments about attaching the debugger was to shown when the application was running without issue and when it wasn't.

    - Adding some more LED pattern inside the bootloader, so we know if the bootloader is executed, and if it forward to the application

    I added an LED pattern inside the bootloader just before nrf_bootloader_init(), and in every scenario the bootloader was executed. However I did start doing a little bit of debugging and noticed something that may or may not be worth mentioning.

    I performed two separate DFUs, one with an application that just flashes some LEDs (and is a functioning app without any over the above issues), and one with our application that does not start after a DFU.

    After performing a DFU with the LED app, the bootloader LED sequence executed twice (I'm assuming that means the bootloader was restarted twice). The LED app was then started.

    After performing a DFU with our application, the bootloader LED sequence executed three times. I followed the bootloader execution in Segger and noticed that after bootloader restarted twice, it called app_start() and had the address of 0x1000, but that is when the bootloader restarted for the third time.

    I feel like that behaviour wasn't supposed to occur. Not sure if that gives you any addition information to work with.

    If you can provide an minimal code that we can test here with the NRF52 DK it would be easier to find the root cause.

    As was recommended, I've opened a private ticket that I will send you the link to in a private message. Thanks.